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The Myrkridia Wars


Connacht the Barbarian King


The Daoine


Drugs of Alorevon
Sourleaf is a foul tasting plant that’s leaves are chewed in a similar fashion to chewing tobacco. It is generally transported in bales. Chewing it causes a pinkish froth to form on the lips, and later unwanted juices are spat out.

Shiver is a potent, hallucinogenic drug made from the processed venom of the dream spider. It is generally ingested after which the user falls into a deep slumber filled with vivid dreams. While asleep the user generally shakes and shivers, which is where the drug earned its moniker


The manipulation of the arcane through bizarre gestures or incantation

The Sickness
Channeling the arcane is a taxing on the body, and every mage suffers from the sickness at one time or another. It is the feeling of nauseous frailty. Fortunately the feeling is temporary, usually taking mere hours for a sorcerer to recover

A negligent sorcerer may through his senseless prattle tear open a rift in the fabric of reality, summoning forth powerful spirits. Such spirits are usually of a malevolent nature, seeking either to destroy the summoner or bend him to its will

Deliberately engaging in Summoning is an art only engaged by the most daring or sinister of sorcerers. Like Sorcery, Summoning is a language both written and spoken. The spoken side of Summoning teaches the litanies of names of all things and their derivations since the dawn of creation. The written half of Summoning is the precise method of drawing the mystic and powerful circles necessary for warding, containing and calling spirits. This aspect of summoning is called Circination

Nameless Spirits
Nameless spirits (or commonly referred to as just “spirits”) are entities of element born from the original articles of creation—the first river, the first sea, the first wind, the first mountain, the first road, the first fire, etc—and have been broken down and spread across the earth through the millennia. They have no resemblance to life as we know it whatsoever. They are, literally, a feral, willful, capricious and unpredictable force of nature. But they are tied directly to their element. One who knows their names and the chains of law that bind them can master the very environs around him. Nameless spirits never forget that they have been bound and commanded. As much as they can emote, they despise the summoner for treating them thusly. Hence they will always try to return in kind what was asked of them


The Autonomists
The Autonomists are a splinter sect of the Church of the Allfather who believe that an authoritative government by nature is unjust, causing the innocent to suffer the same as the guilty

There are realms beyond our world and within them dwell creatures potent and bizarre—banned by the very laws of nature from journeying forth into the realm of man, so horrible would be the havoc they wrought. As we are all shaped by our experiences, Ascendants, or Named Spirits are creatures that through their experiences have undergone a terrible transformation somewhere on the path between life and death, becoming beings of great power and extreme nature that long to enact the works of their nature upon the world. Typically regarded and worshiped as gods, ascendants are able to commune and grants boons to their most faithful followers

Anyone unfortunate enough to negligently commune with an Ascendant almost certainly makes himself a target for possession. Named Spirits long to enact the works of their nature, but their ties to the world are insecure until they find a host to anchor them

The process of possession can be quick and violent, or gradual and gentle depending on the nature of the spirit. In either case, a full possession leaves the victim tethered to the Ascendant until a successful exorcism can be performed.

Random Codex

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