Burning Wheel

So it Begins...
Enter the Vulture

Two weeks into the new occupation of Ashenholt, an emissary of the legendary bandit leader, THE VULTURE, made a demand of Count Wycliff a tribute in return for a promise not to raid his portion of the Old Road. After much deliberation, the Count and his vassals rejected the emissary’s demand and made him their prisoner. With diplomacy getting nowhere, Count Wycliff a raven to Talmandor, the capital of Caerdania requesting troops to help deal with the Vulture threat.

The following morning, fortifications were constructed around Ashenholt and the hamlet prepared for the looming threat of a bandit attack. Meanwhile Kaeth Corbray hunted down an iron boar, a recurring menace of Ashenholt.

That same morning Aethendor Corvus made the acquaintance of an old hag named Skogula who requested his help in her research of the ascendants. Fearing her to be a rogue wizard, Aethendor cooperated, even to the point of digging up an dead body from the hamlet’s graveyard. That evening Aethendor reported his suspicion of Skogula to Barnabas Falias, Court Wizard of Ashenholt. Barnabas commanded Aethendor continue to feign cooperation with Skogula until proof of her guilt as a rogue wizard could be found.


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