Burning Wheel

The Slaying of the Vulture
Enna's Betrayal

The leaders of Ashenholt responded to the Vulture’s aggression by sending scouting parties into the Darkwood. Kaeth was first in locating the Vulture’s Nest, but was subsequently captured by the bandits. Shortly thereafter the bandits delivered message to Ashenholt demanding a meeting between the Vulture and Count Wycliff, threatening Kaeth’s life if they did not cooperate.

Count Wycliff and his entourage met with the Vulture at the appointed time. Negotiations went poorly and the two forces quickly came to blows. Aethendor used his sorcery to erect pillars of fire to separate the Vulture from his men while Kaeth organized their soldiers against the gang of bandits. Count Wycliff engaged the Vulture directly while Enna did her best to keep them from killing eachother. Her efforts were in vain. The Vulture proved to be a formidable fighter and began to overwhelm Count Wycliff. Thankfully Kaeth came to his lord’s aid and together they bested the Vulture, severing his leg. Within minutes the Vulture bled to death.

With the few surviving bandits fleeing into the woods, Enna fled with them in hopes to aid in their escape while Kaeth formed up the soldiers and moved to take the Vulture’s Nest. Enna and the bandits staged an ambush and held off the forces of Ashenholt, giving the women and children enough time to evacuate the Nest. Enna then fled with the remaining bandits to Viriskald, the outlander settlement beyond the borders of Caerdania.

While the people of Ashenholt found the Nest empty, they did manage to find the sapphire mine. A temporary settlement was constructed and a mining operation was organized.

The soldiers from Riverwall were returned and the Auslangs held a feast in Count Wycliff’s honor for vanquishing the Vulture. Rosabeth Auslang spoke privately to Carlton, stating her husband’s health was rapidly deteriorating and proposed a marriage between her and Carlton after her husband passed. Carlton demanded time to think on the matter before a final decision was made.

The Vulture and the Countess

With a terrible drought afflicting Caerdania, Count Wycliff was alarmed to find the river drying at an unnatural rate. Suspecting someone of tampering with the water upriver, Wycliff sent Kaeth and Enna to investigate.

About a day’s ride out, the two of them found a band of peasants damming the river, claiming their work to be at the behest of Countess Auslang, lord of the neighboring city of Riverwall. Once these reports were received, Count Wycliff arranged for a meeting between him and the Countess. With Count Wycliff and Aethendor Corvus departing for Riverwall, Kaeth and Enna were left to care for the affairs of Ashenholt.

Upon arriving in Riverwall, Count Wycliff and Aethendor were given honorable hospitality by Countess Auslang. During a welcoming feast they discussed the issue of Ashenholt’s water shortage and how the dammed river aggravated their situation. While the Countess was steadfast in her decision that the water was necessary to maintain their moat, she agreed to send shipments of food and water to keep Ashenholt sustained until the drought passed.

A day into the Count’s absence, an unfamiliar peasant came sprinting into Ashenholt shouting that the Vulture’s men had destroyed his wagon and kidnapped his daughter. Enna and Kaeth immediately rode to the attack site, discovering too late that it was an ambush set up by the Vulture.

Captured, both Kaeth and Enna were blindfolded and led to the Vulture’s camp. Upon arrival they were surprised to see just as many women and children as men fit for battle. They were led to the Vulture’s chambers, and were surprised to learn him to be an elf. After it was explained that the two of them would be held hostage, the Vulture spoke to Enna in private and attempted to convince her to join their band. Enna refused, and in his grief the Vulture sent them back to Ashenholt.

So it Begins...
Enter the Vulture

Two weeks into the new occupation of Ashenholt, an emissary of the legendary bandit leader, THE VULTURE, made a demand of Count Wycliff a tribute in return for a promise not to raid his portion of the Old Road. After much deliberation, the Count and his vassals rejected the emissary’s demand and made him their prisoner. With diplomacy getting nowhere, Count Wycliff a raven to Talmandor, the capital of Caerdania requesting troops to help deal with the Vulture threat.

The following morning, fortifications were constructed around Ashenholt and the hamlet prepared for the looming threat of a bandit attack. Meanwhile Kaeth Corbray hunted down an iron boar, a recurring menace of Ashenholt.

That same morning Aethendor Corvus made the acquaintance of an old hag named Skogula who requested his help in her research of the ascendants. Fearing her to be a rogue wizard, Aethendor cooperated, even to the point of digging up an dead body from the hamlet’s graveyard. That evening Aethendor reported his suspicion of Skogula to Barnabas Falias, Court Wizard of Ashenholt. Barnabas commanded Aethendor continue to feign cooperation with Skogula until proof of her guilt as a rogue wizard could be found.


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